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JAC Interiors: A Specialty in the Hard-to-Please

The designers find a niche creating curated spaces for tweens and bachelors


JAC Interiors: A Specialty in the Hard-to-Please

A tween room with style by JAC Interiors.

Photo courtesy of JAC Interiors

Specializing in hard-to-please clients like tweens and bachelors, Los Angeles-based JAC Interiors sets out to curate a look that doesn’t simply suit the client’s age, but their budget, their likes, their travels and more. It’s a firm that believes one’s lifestyle should dictate one’s space, no matter their age, income or marital status.

Though recently formed as their own company, JAC Interiors combines a total of 45 years of design experience from Jane Hamilton, Andrea Putman and Christine Thompson, three moms and designers who have settled in Los Angeles after living, working and travelling all around the states and internationally as well.

Their backgrounds may be different, but the three found common ground in their sense of fun, a clean-lined aesthetic, the idea of a wild card element in a room and a belief that their job is not simply to be designers, but to be “stylists and curators for modern life” as well.

Manly Measures

JAC has chosen to place focus, albeit not an exclusive one, on clients that can be considered quite a challenge by some. With the job of decorating typically falling to the female in the household, what’s a single man who wants a nice comfortable home to do?

“Many bachelors just need some hand-holding by a woman to help them make those big decisions count,” said Putman. “One bachelor client we have has money and taste, but not the time to devote to ‘making a home.’

With the bachelors, the designers note, the requests trend toward a home that is functional and most often modern, but that shows a bit of daring and suggests an edginess to their personality and lifestyle.

The designers note that divorced men with kids are an entirely different challenge. Here, you’re looking to create a sense of balance between cheerful comfort for the children and comfort for the newly single father as well. For such clients, Putman said JAC “strives to achieve a masculine look that doesn’t read too macho. Exposed brick, natural woods and textures with plenty of floor space are all good for date nights and is practical for kids, too!”

Youthful Pleasures

In the not too distant past, some bright mind realized there was an entire demographic, one with tremendous spending power and an insatiable appetite for all that’s new and trendy, that wasn’t being given the attention it deserved. Enter the tween.

It’s not that the age group itself was new, but the concept of awarding them the decision-making power they demanded has made quite an impact on the entire home industry – from furnishings to interiors.

JAC points to tweens as being “decisive, they study fashion and design, they look at magazines, and they talk about such topics as if beyond their years.” In their work, the designers have found what this demographic really wants is to enjoy their rooms and their parents want that for them as well but they also want the room to fit the quality of the remainder of the home and not break the decorating budget.

If you think about it, these are clients who typically only have one room to themselves and, if I remember being this age correctly, it’s a time when you actually spend quite a lot of time in your room, not necessarily for bad behavior, but because it’s your sanctuary. JAC takes this notion to heart and works with the younger set to create rooms that reflect their current passions with style.

Design for All

Though these areas have indeed become a specialty for the group, they certainly do not limit themselves to bachelors and tweens. Their passion is for creating rooms that blend art, antiques and decorative arts from a variety of locales -- European, Asian, American -- and for curating art collections for clients with any budget.

While their focus now is turned a bit to their local area on Los Angeles’ Westside, they have worked for and run design businesses in London, Atlanta and New York as well. Among the team’s past projects are an ambassador’s home on London’s Grosvenor Square; the historic Mayflower Inn in Washington, Conn.; and a 1945 California ranch.

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