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Profile: Justin Teilhet Porcelain


Profile: Justin Teilhet Porcelain

A piece from the Fins series by Justin Teilhet.

Photo courtesy of Justin Teilhet Porcelain
Designer Justin Teilhet carefully crafts the lines of his porcelain objects to be smooth and sensual, unexpected yet peaceful. These are pieces bold enough to stand alone, yet so intricately connected to the additional designs in their respective collections that they fill in one another’s negative space and tell a larger story when displayed together.

Visual Simplicity

Smooth, sweeping lines and a playful take on size and shape are defining traits of Teilhet’s designs. The artist says “the driving force behind each piece is visual simplicity, which attempts to create a sense of tranquility.”

To further highlight the curves and contours of his designs, Teilhet turns to “a family of glazes with deep continuous properties.” Together, the porcelain and the glazes work to accentuate each other’s finest characteristics.

Latest Designs

Teilhet describes his newer pieces as being about “surface tension,” noting that the pieces are “created on a wheel and displayed in compositions of two or more objects. The interplay and negative space is as important as the objects themselves.”

The Fins series, released in 2011, is a fine example of positive and negative space working together for a greater presentation, one that changes as more pieces are placed in relation to one another. For Fins, Teilhet set out to combine “classic forms with a dynamic surface.” The line utilizes exposed porcelain elements to accentuate a deep celadon glaze.

Awards & Permanent Collections

Teilhet’s work has been winning design awards for more than 15 years. In 2010 alone, he received an Award of Excellence from both the Crafts Americas Westchester Craft Show in Westchester, N.Y. and The Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor, Mich.; a Best of Ceramics Award from the Des Moines Festival of Arts in Des Moines, Iowa; and an Honorable Mention from the Lakefront Festival of Art at the Milwaukee Museum of Art.

His porcelain is also featured in permanent collections at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, as well as in The Setai and Aetna, both in New York City.

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