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Profile: L.A.-based Designer Suzan Fellman


Profile: L.A.-based Designer Suzan Fellman

L.A.-based designer Suzan Fellman

Photo courtesy of Suzan Fellman
Los Angeles-based Interior Designer Suzan Fellman loves a good challenge. In fact, she’ll tell you that’s one of the best things about her job.


For each new project, Fellman sets out to infuse the dwelling with creativity, individualism and a sense of comfort and self for the client. That process begins with a series of questions that delve into the personality of the client. For example: Iggy Pop or Frank Sinatra? Beer or scotch? Cohen brothers or Coppola?

It’s a gameplan Fellman has perfected through years of working with clients who want their homes to look great and reflect their interests, but just don’t know how or where to begin. Clients have told her they found her list of questions both enjoyable and enlightening and have kept copies of their own responses for themselves.


Fellman's goal is always to create a sacred space for her client to enjoy and share. Answering her seemingly simple questionnaire has led to design decisions truly reflective of her clients' lifestyle and interests. Libraries with rolling ladders, natural bark wallpaper, and pony walls to break up wide open loft spaces are just a few of the personal touches her clients have enjoyed.

Completing the process, Fellman has spent time with her clients, or sometimes their housekeepers, explaining every element throughout a newly designed space and how it should be handled.

Designer Roots

Fellman’s own history is rich and varied. The daughter of a haberdasher, she learned to appreciate creativity and good design early and has infused her life with it, working as everything from boutique owner to clothing designer, actress to interior designer. Fellman is glamour mixed with just enough grit.

Her L.A. showroom is steeped in luxurious fabrics from the Celia Birtwell and Cecil Beaton collections, as well as her own line of luxury furnishings -- the SF Collection -- which includes furniture, lighting and home decor, crafted with materials as varied as Lucite, chain maille and vintage scarves. Still, she doesn't shy away from getting her hands dirty and has been known to tackle electrical wiring with her own tools, carted around in an old Hermes bag, of course.

Fellman and her work have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Elle, Vogue Living and Vanity Fair. Her own cabin in Big Bear was profiled in The Los Angeles Times.

Suzan Fellman Showroom
Phone: 323.936.7759
Email: info@suzanfellman.com
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