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Interiors & Exteriors


Throughout history, a person's likes and dislikes, the places to which they've traveled, the times in which they lived and precisely how they lived in them were told through their homes. Both interior and exterior always are a reflection of those who dwell within the walls, telling the story of a family or an individual without saying a word. The stories here speak not so much of individual furnishings, but of overall interiors and architecture and the creative minds who bring them to life.
  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Historic Homes


The architect's mind must be both analytical and creative, assessing a space and a client's vision for it and creating something beautiful and functional. Here, a look at splendid examples of architecture both historic and modern.

Interior Design

The interior designer is that all-important partner in bringing a dream for a perfect home to life. Here, meet the designers themselves and view some of their projects.

Historic Homes

Across the country and around the world, historic homes open their doors to the public to tell the story of a particular family or a particular time in place. These historic locations are windows to the past and a vital part of design education.

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