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GoodWeave Works to End Child Labor in Weaving Communities


GoodWeave Works to End Child Labor in Weaving Communities
Logo courtesy of GoodWeave

GoodWeave International has affected quite a bit of change since it was founded in 1994 by Nobel Prize-nominee Kailash Satyarthi. What began in India as a joint initiative of Indian carpet producers and Indian and international NGOs, has since morphed into a global organization with operations in the U.S., U.K., Germany, India, and Nepal.

Making an Impression

More importantly though than its growth is the non-profit's overwhelming effect. GoodWeave's efforts to eliminate child labor in the weaving communities in India and Nepal have catalyzed huge progress -- more than 7.5 million GoodWeave-certified carpets have been sold in Europe and North America and the number of South Asian children trapped in illegal and exploitative carpet-making work has dropped from 1 million to 250,000.

Supply and Demand

The organization was founded on a simple premise: If enough people demand certified child-labor-free rugs, manufacturers will employ only skilled, adult artisans, and children will no longer be exploited in the carpet industry. GoodWeave accomplishes its mission daily via unannounced inspections and monitoring of mills, rescue and education for the children, and a consumer awareness campaign. It also provides assistance to adult rug factory workers to include access to daycare and mobile health services.

Continuing Efforts

In 2009, the organization began to broaden its reach and rolled out a new label for its evolving certification program. In 2011, it will debut its new expanded global standard, which, building on its child-labor-free foundation, incorporates important new tenets regarding adult workers’ rights and environmental protection.

The organization is also set to begin the One in a Million campaign, which builds on the idea that the beautiful and unique handmade rugs GoodWeave certifies are not only one-in-a-million, but also give consumers the chance to affect the life of one in a million children.

GoodWeave International Facts

GoodWeave-certified rugs are currently available from nearly 80 rug designers and in more than 1,000 retail outlets and showrooms across North America.

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