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Caesar Goes with the Flow in Tile Line

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Caesar Goes with the Flow in Tile Line

Flow tile from Caesar.

Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy
As a general rule, Italian tile company Caesar works to create tile options that provide a look that is both contemporary and lasting. Not a simple goal, but one the company repeatedly accomplishes. The addition to its roster of the Flow line of tile is no exception.

Research & Development

Caesar’s specialty is porcelain stoneware surfaces and its research into the area is extensive. The company looks to create surfaces that not only surpass performance standards, but “invigorate the senses” as well. Its product is noted for its technical performance and is well-suited for both large-scale architectural projects and modern residential spaces.

Product Options

Flow offers quite a lot of variety. Within this line, you’re looking at six color options, three surface finishes and two modular sizes. The idea being to produce a line that will be suitable to a multitude of different applications.

The color hues for Flow are created from natural pigments and clays. The texture is literally characterized by the “flow” of color throughout the tile, subtle differences in shade merging with a delicately striped pattern. It’s a surface that reacts to light by revealing its varying chromatic patterns.

The resultant finish is one of understated elegance and one suited for indoors or out, as well as for heavy-traffic public spaces.

More about Caesar

Caesar was established in 1988 with the mission of creating “the perfect union between technology, performance, functionality, and aesthetics.” The company’s porcelain stoneware is distributed in more than 80 countries and is used for both flooring and cladding in varied commercial and residential projects.
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