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Karastan’s SmartStrand is Green and Gorgeous

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Karastan’s SmartStrand is Green and Gorgeous

Karastan SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona fiber.

Photo courtesy of Karastan
Karastan has a long history of quality product and dedicated customers, but like most success stories, the company does not simply rest on its laurels. A continued devotion to innovation and increasing focus on sustainability brought forth SmartStrand, a carpet fiber so different it gained recognition from the Federal Trade Commission.

Product Facts

SmartStrand is constructed of DuPont Sorona, a corn-based polymer that is renewably sourced, making it good for Mother Earth as well as the home. Where many carpets are crafted of petroleum-based materials, DuPont Sorona is 37 percent sourced from rapidly renewable resources.

Another great feature with SmartStrand, particularly if you’re looking at a high-traffic area, is the stain resistance the company has “woven right into the DNA of the carpet.” That translates to most spills being cleaned up with simple water and more difficult messes requiring only mild dishwashing soap.

FTC Acknowledgement

Generically called triexta, SmartStrand earned designation as an entirely new fiber from the FTC, an achievement made more noteworthy by the amount of time that has passed since the FTC last created a new subclass. The last credit on record was nylon in 1959.

Sustainable Agenda

In reference to SmartStrand, Jenny Cross, global sustainability director at Karastan’s parent company, Mohawk Industries, said that, “as a manufacturer, being sensitive to the environment is defined by much more than recycling or reducing energy use. It means creating products which meet the demands of the consumer, have long lifespans and conserve natural resources.”

SmartStrand is certainly helping Karastan to meet its sustainable goals. For example, for every seven yards of SmartStrand, enough energy is saved to equal one gallon of gasoline; the production of the Sorona polymer requires 30 percent less energy than an equal amount of nylon 6, the fiber found in many conventional carpets; and SmartStrand carpets are CRI Green Label Plus certified for low emissions.

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