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Stylex Addresses Comfort for All with SAVA Office Chair

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Stylex Addresses Comfort for All with SAVA Office Chair
Courtesy of Stylex

The sleekly-designed SAVA is a multi-purpose office chair designed for Stylex by award –winning architect Sava Cvek. The goal of the design was to create a user-friendly office chair that was able to accommodate the broad range of body types and sizes in today’s workforce.

The result is an elegant design that is simple to adjust and personalize, creating a more comfortable experience for all the workers out there who spend a good deal of each day in their office chairs.

Product Description

For the most versatility with the least effort, four paddles control seat height, tension, seat depth, and tilt lock. According to the company, most chair controls have historically focused on supporting heavier users, but SAVA’s fingertip tension control allows people ranging from 90 to 275 pounds to find the right level of adjustment quickly and easily.

The personalization doesn’t stop there: SAVA is also available with optional lumbar support, a high- or mid-back and task or conference arms. There are also multiple upholstery options.

But there’s more to love here than good-looking features and an accommodating design. SAVA is crafted in cast aluminum and is up to 98% recyclable. It also joins the Stylex family of products by being Greenguard certified.

More about Sava Cvek

Sava Cvek is an architect and teacher, a graduate of the Harvard School of design and the founder of SCADevelopment. He has a history of commercial success with Stylex which includes being honored with three Neocon Gold awards.

More about Stylex

Stylex was founded in 1956 by the Golden family and is still a family-run company. It has been developing seating solutions for the office environment for more than 50 years. Stylex is also committed to the use of green technology. Its products are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, use 100% CFC-free foam and low or no VOC adhesives.
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