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Profile: Brown Jordan’s Enduring Style


Profile: Brown Jordan’s Enduring Style
Grand Via by Brown Jordan
Established by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan in Pasadena, Calif., Brown Jordan has been lending a sophisticated touch to the great outdoors since 1945.

Stylish Beginnings

Brown and Jordan set out to do something that hadn’t previously been done: create stylish furniture for full-time outdoor use. The company notes the first of its creations was “fittingly called ‘Leisure’” and was constructed of tubular aluminum and vinyl lace.

Since that time, “leisure” has become an industry unto itself. Small charcoal grills surrounded by a few chairs have been replaced by full outdoor kitchens complete with dining and entertaining space. Brown Jordan continues to be a leader in the movement.

Casual Elegance

The idea behind Brown Jordan products is that one should be able to enjoy as luxurious and comfortable a life outdoors as one does indoors. It’s a concept evident in each piece designed by the company, no matter how varied the style.

Via materials such as plantation-grown teak, rare mahogany, cast and extruded aluminum, and proprietary parabolic mesh fabrics, Brown Jordan proves there are no limits to outdoor design and comfort.

For example, the “curvaceous and continuous organic lines” of The Cloud Nine Collection are distinctly modern. Inspired by the company’s parabolic fabrics, such curves may appear an aesthetic decision but they’re steeped in purpose as well, lending both support and comfort. The Madera Collection, on the other hand, is inspired by the traditional. Here, durable frames of rare mahogany wood are paired with deep cushions for a modern take on classic style.

Enduring Style

Today, Brown Jordan offers more than 30 collections in a wide range of styles and materials with indoor/outdoor collections developed with both residential and contract environments in mind.

It also continues to innovate in both product and style via collaborations with designers such as award-winning home furnishings designer Richard Frinier and German designer Mathias Hoffman. The collections by Frinier, which include the aforementioned Cloud Nine, were created to accommodate growing demand for exclusive product among interior designers, architects and corporate buyers of luxury product; the collections by Hoffman target the design community and trade professionals, as well as high-end retail boutiques.

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