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Great Green Heat: The ECO-heater

Wall-mounted unit is simple solution for unheated spaces


Great Green Heat: The ECO-heater

The slim, wall-mounted ECO-heater can be painted to match any decor.

Photo courtesy of ECO-heater

Since the trend now is not so much buying new and bigger but improving upon what you already have, changing existing spaces into more livable environments has become the norm. If you’re dealing with a design project that involves turning a space not created for living into one that’s ideal for it, one of your primary concerns may be how to keep this area warm when the cold winter months set in.

Oftentimes, basements that were intended to be simply basements or spaces above garages intended initially as storage spaces, aren’t connected to a home’s central heating system and attempting to add a space onto that system can be difficult and rather pricey both in the cost of renovation and future heating bills. One cost-effective and space saving solution is the sleek ECO-heater.

Eco-friendly Warmth

The ECO-heater has been tested to meet Underwriters Laboratory standards and was designed with the goal of being a more effective and economical room heater than others on the market today. The heater itself uses only 400 watts of electricity, equal to the energy used by four incandescent light bulbs, which is approximately 27 percent of the energy used by the more conventional 1,500 watt heaters. Ultimately, the cost of running an ECO-heater is approximately 3 1/2 cents per hour.

Much in the way a convection oven delivers even heat for more effective cooking, a convection heater silently circulates air for an efficient solution. The ECO-heater works by warming the air between the unit itself and the wall on which it’s mounted. Cold air is drawn up from the floor and then heated and circulated out of the top of the heater. As such, the warm air circulates throughout the room silently as opposed to being blown around by fans or motors that have the potential to break.

Heat Happens

Currently, there are two ECO-heater models from which to choose, each functioning via a simple on/off switch and one with a built-in thermostat. The heater was designed to be left on indefinitely and, with all heating elements completely encapsulated within the panel, dust can’t collect and cause a burnout.

The heaters were designed to heat a medium-sized room but also are scalable so several can be used to heat a larger space. Each ECO-heater will heat an average of about 120 to 200 square feet of floor area dependent on construction integrity, according to the company which added the estimate will vary depending on factors such as climate, room insulation, number of windows, floor coverings and ceiling height.

There also is evidence that these heaters are a better option for allergy sufferers as they eliminate the dust disturbances that can occur when a fan is used to circulate heated air. The air also doesn’t get as dry as with more conventional heaters due to the ECO-heater’s low wattage and lack of exposed elements.

Design and Installation Convenience

The construction of the ECO-heater is rather convenient as well. Its low-profile, wall-mounted design makes it easy to integrate into any room and provides safe warmth without the risk of a heating device tipping over.

There’s also the very convenient fact that its ceramic construction allows the surface of the ECO-heater to be painted over with any latex-based paint, so its color or style can blend seamlessly into any room design.

More About ECO-heater, Inc.

Based in Alexandria, Va., ECO-heater, Inc. manufactures and distributes the ECO-heater. The heaters are backed with full, three-year manufacturer warranties. Suggested retail values for the different models range from $88 to $129.

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