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Natural Beauty: Eangee Home Design

Lighting and accessories company specializes in fair trade, sustainable design


Natural Beauty: Eangee Home Design

Cocoa leaves are used in the design of the Twist Lamp.

Photo courtesy of Eangee

A product with its roots in nature allows the beauty of the natural world to meld with the beauty created in the human mind and become something new, something renewable and something highly useful as well. Evidence to this potential can be found throughout the product assortment at Eangee Home Design, a company that believes the beauty of nature can translate to a beautiful home as well.

The company describes its products as “quirks of the imagination brought to life.” These are products designed to bring a smile to the face of all who encounter them and to be kind to the earth as well. The company specializes in lighting and home accessories and all products sold by Eangee Home Design must meet qualifiers that render them both sustainable and fair-trade.

Green and Fair

While the demand for “green” products and design has led to questionable use of the terms in some circumstances, Eangee is happy to make clear its definition of such practices. For its part, eco-friendly means “using materials that are sustainably harvested, safe dyes that are food based, and low-impact, water based finishes;” and fair trade means “the artists who make [Eangee’s] pieces are paid living wages, have access to continuing education, healthcare, quality housing and a dignified, safe working environment.”

The company is fiercely determined to meet the needs of today without compromising a better tomorrow. To ensure its standards for workers are maintained, Eangee staff makes at least one surprise visit per year to each of its facilities and its goals include expansion of its product line so as to provide more jobs in areas of the world that desperately need them and to achieve a carbon footprint of zero.

Natural Ingredients

Theses designs make use of the materials Mother Nature provides for us. Natural, highly renewable materials like fossilized cocoa leaves, fern vine, abaca rope, fruit fibers, and found wood go into the construction. The very make-up of them invites a tactile experience you don’t just view, but are compelled to touch as well.

Accessories here include decorative abaca balls in different sizes; bowls, urns, votives and baskets crafted of found driftwood; woven baskets; a brightly colored line of metal art; and a recycled paper animal series that would make a great addition to any kid’s room.

There is also an extensive line of lighting designs that allow the natural veining and color striations of natural materials like leaves to guide the design and cast a unique glow. Among its latest lighting designs is the Twist lamp series described by Eangee as “the very definition of design in motion.” The design features fossilized cocoa leaves arranged in vertical patterns to accentuate the height of the lamps themselves. Both table and floor versions are available.

Different sizes and colorways make the Twist lamps adaptable to a variety of settings. The multi-colored design creates a cheerful feeling well-suited to spaces for kids and families, while the monotone versions offer a softer, more sophisticated glow and could be at home in most rooms within a home.

Eangee also makes tabletop lamp bases from different materials that can be paired with shades made with leaves like the Twist lamps.

More About Eangee Home Design

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, Eangee Home Design first opened as a retail location in 2003 and expanded the business to include wholesale distribution of its top selling products in 2007. The company sold the retail arm of the business at the end of 2007.

The company is co-owned by Christopher Godfrey, Clyde Godfrey, Shay Elder, and Eric Clark and is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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