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Jason Wu: Sleek Bath Designs for Brizo

Fashion designer lends his eye to creating a stylish bath


Jason Wu: Sleek Bath Designs for Brizo

Wu's collection uses a signature matte black finish.

Photo courtesy of Brizo

Designer Jason Wu became a household name when he struck that deal fashion designers covet: designing a dress to be worn by the First Lady during the President’s inaugural celebrations. But the designer’s reach goes far beyond glamorous gowns and into a world some may see as broadly different: designing a line of bath fixtures and accessories for Brizo. Wu, however, demonstrates with the sleek black pieces that glamour and luxury can extend to the home as well.

Bridging a Gap

Brizo first partnered with the fashion designer in 2006 with a vision to bridge what it perceived as a gap between home and fashion design. The collaboration first produced a collection designed with a powder room in mind with a suite of fixtures and accessories for a full bath added more recently.

Even beyond the bath collection, Brizo and Wu have found additional ways to collaborate. The Brizo brand is the primary sponsor of Wu’s fashion shows and Wu has created exclusive fashion designs for Brizo advertising campaigns and events. The designer has even outfitted his own residence in New York with Brizo’s Loki and Pascal faucets.

Designing Lines

Wu noted one of his goal’s in this collaboration was to find “a new way to add movement and personality to an otherwise static item.

“Designing interior fixtures is an opportunity to challenge myself and branch out into a new category,” Wu said. “The materials and design considerations are dramatically different than what I am used to with clothing and accessories.”

The resultant pieces are sleek and modern, architectural and sophisticated. The collection was inspired by both Scandinavian design and Baroque details and the combination makes a striking presentation. Add to that the Jason Wu for Brizo signature Matte Black finish and your bath will never be the same.

The powder room suite incorporated items not typically found in Brizo collections, including a wastebasket, free-standing soap pump, soap dish and drawer knobs and pulls. Judd Lord, director of industrial design for Brizo products, compared the added pieces to “fashion accessories that help pull together an outfit.”

The extensive line for the bath includes a variety of faucets, 3- and 4-hole Roman tubs, a bidet, a towel bar, and more.

Fashion Meets Technology

These pieces aren’t simply beautiful; there’s some advanced technology at work here as well. For example, Brizo’s SmartTouchPlus Technology adds hands-free sensing to the company’s existing touch-sensitive operation with an LED light to let users know if they’re in Touch Mode or Hands-free Mode. Then there’s the TempIQ Temperature Control Technology. This advance actually senses the water before the user does and let’s the user know what to expect from the water’s temperature via an LED light that transitions from blue to magenta to red built into the faucet. TempIQ also adds a level of safety with its high-temperature limit stop.

To meet current and upcoming legislation, water does not come in contact with metal surfaces once inside the line’s faucets. The products in the line also meet WaterSense standards and will be packaged using 100% recyclable materials, adding eco-friendly to their list of positive attributes.

More About Jason Wu

Jason Wu rose rather quickly to fame, having just launched his Ready-to-Wear Collection in the spring of 2006. The design goal behind his studio is to blend the idea of American sportswear with Old world glamour.

Wu’s work shows a true dedication to the place he calls home. Both his design studio and showroom are located in New York and more than 80% of his collection is produced in New York’s Garment District.

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