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Brenda Houston Lights a Glamorous Trail


Brenda Houston Lights a Glamorous Trail

Alexandra lamp from The Brenda Houston Collection.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Houston

After more than 20 years in the design industry, 10 of which were spent in the fine jewelry arena, Brenda Houston decided to branch out by moving indoors, directing her practiced eye for style to interiors. The result is a collection of lighting, wall art and accessories that could easily be considered jewelry for the home.

“I felt there was a huge disconnect between residential, retail and hospitality design,” said Houston, adding she “recognized there was an opening to offer pieces that are unique, unlike anything that had been seen before.”

Attainable Luxury

Houston’s objective was to bring together a variety of nationally acclaimed artists and develop a comprehensive line of home products. The result is a line of classically designed, nature-inspired home furnishings that will instill an unpretentious glamour into any home.

Case in point is Houston’s Couture Collection. The lighting designs here offer one-of-a-kind minerals hand-selected from such far corners of the world as Madagascar, Morocco, China, Brazil, and Africa. Melding her past with he present, Houston enjoys incorporating vintage fine jewelry in the Couture designs to boost their individuality and elegance even more.

But even in The Brenda Houston Collection, where the designs are available in singles, pairs and multiples, the special touches are not left behind. Here, as in The Couture Collection, each individual piece is signed by the artist to emphasize its quality and specialness and the care that has gone into its creation.

Green and Glamorous

The pieces that make up Houston’s collections, which extend beyond lighting to wall art, accessories and jewelry, are both timeless in design and organic in nature. Table lamps pair nature’s own artwork – chunks of raw gems, precious coral, petrified wood – with pristine presentations in the way of platforms and shades.

It’s important to note the pieces here don’t simply look as though they are born from natural world, they are respectful of it as well. Houston’s collections center around “natural and green materials that are used in a sophisticated manner, creating exclusive and custom built pieces that layer into residential, retail and hospitality arenas.”

Beyond the materials themselves, production processes are green as well. Houston ensures materials are not wasted and remaining materials are recycled. For example, residual minerals from the creation of a lamp are transferred and later used for a series in the accessories collection.

Designer Sensibility

Houston’s experience in varied sectors within the design industry has left her with a true sense of the relationship between designer and client, and the meaning of an end result that truly satisfies everyone.

“After 26 years in visual, store and interior design, I understand budgets, and the need to offer pieces to compliment a broad range of customers,” she said. “I want to offer the design industry unique items which can be custom made according to the needs of the project. I believe a piece can be well designed without being overtly expensive.”

Local Talent, Signature Look

Houston is also very proud of the fact that all her items are produced in the U.S. “We have some amazing American artists and manufacturers in the U.S. and I want to do everything I can to promote their work and encourage the public to support them,” she said.

The inclusion of multiple artists, however, doesn’t lead to multiple design directions for Houston’s experience has taught her that consistency is key. “Great designers have a vision they want to create,” she said. “The same philosophy applies to your home, a hotel room or a retail environment. It’s important to be consistent in your message so your customer understands the brand.”

More about Brenda Houston

Brenda Houston has spent her career immersed in the world of style. She directed visual and store design for Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York; worked with designers such as Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan to create their in-store boutiques for I. Magnin; and oversaw the creative strategies and store designs for Zale Corporation and David Yurman.

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