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Luxit Tattoo Lighting Allows for Extreme Personalization

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Luxit Tattoo Lighting Allows for Extreme Personalization

Tattoo lighting from Luxit

Photo courtesy of Leucos USA
Italian lighting design company Luxit has established itself as a destination for decorative architectural lighting designed with a combination of state-of-the-art technology and a sophisticated design sense. Luxit Tattoo Lighting keeps that reputation alive.

Brand History

Luxit was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Presezzo, Italy. The company specializes in “highly engineered lighting,” which includes designer lamps and integrated lighting systems. The award-winning company points to creativity and function as “two equally important guiding principles.”

The brand has established a bit of a celebrity clientele. It has been specified in projects for prestigious brands such as Nokia, Heineken, Saatchi & Sastchi, and Swatch.

Tattoo You

If you’re in the market for customization, Luxit's Tattoo lighting may be the perfect fit. This is a system of direct and indirect lighting modules that can be digitally printed (hence the name “Tattoo”) with an image, pattern or color to suit any setting.

Geometric in shape, the modules are available in a range of sizes and as a suspension or wall fixture. This leaves the opportunity for further customization as one could install a single piece or create a continuous row or other graphic presentation.

The fixtures themselves are constructed of thermoplastic side panels while the bearing structure is made from white painted drawn aluminum. A dimmer switch is available for the system.

Bonus Features

Luxit has a long-standing commitment to the environment. As such, virtually all merchandise offered in the U.S. is energy-saving fluorescent or LED. The Tattoo lighting, for example, is wired for T5 fluorescent bulbs.

Further, since Luxit is owned by Leucos USA’s parent company, the distributor is able to offer quick lead times and keep prices down.

More about the Company

Leucos USA is the exclusive distributor of Luxit lighting in the U.S. Luxit is owned by FDV Group, Leucos USA’s Italian parent company. The company’s products are designed with the hospitality, commercial and high-end residential markets in mind. All of the company’s lighting fixtures are UL listed.

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