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Troy Lighting: Experiment in Design

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Troy Lighting: Experiment in Design

The Chime and Tattoo designs from Troy Lighting.

Photo courtesy of Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting has built its following based on a distinct talent for creating lighting designs that satisfy the casual sophisticate. It’s a tricky vibe to master: an individual who likes to keep things simple and comfortable, yet refined as well. The company proves its prowess for blending those seemingly disparate ideas once again with a series of new designs created with the idea of being both fun and elegant and having the ability to adapt to interior styles from the very classic to the contemporary.

Boundless Inspiration

There is indeed an element of signature style to all of Troy’s lighting work. Designs here consistently place focus on artistic details and the use of hand-forged wrought iron is certainly prevalent throughout its collections but there is experimentation at work in the designs as well.

For the latest pieces, the company’s designers pulled inspiration from the constellations and Mother Nature in general, from body art and classical design motifs. Each influence guided the designs to compelling final results and pieces that won’t simply light a space but enhance its overall decor as well.

Throughout the new pieces, and the company’s existing line as well, the juxtaposition of hard and soft materials and of sleek and natural, hand-worked lines work together for lighting designs that blur the lines between traditionally established design definitions. It’s where that element of casual sophistication is evident again and again. Hand-forged iron is paired with a crisp linen shade, charred copper meets with interesting glassware, each piece illustrating how design is meant to be about experimentation, about honoring traditions but not resting on them.

The Latest Designs

Among the new designs are Copperfield, a starburst design crafted of hand-worked wrought iron, metal mesh shades and a burnished copper finish. The design is offered as a chandelier, a sconce or a pendant, allowing for a coordinated presentation or simply a manner for fitting the design in where space allows.

The Pearson design takes on the contemporary mindset with its angular shape but warms the presentation with the natural look of silver mica glassware. Pearson is available as a pendant or sconce. Drift too blends interesting glassware, this time a white pearl, with hand-forged iron but also adds in the natural elements of driftwood crafted of bronze and silver leaf and natural Manila rope. The unique look is offered as a chandelier, pendant and sconce.

Chime, which is available in two sconce variations, presents overlapping ovals in hand-worked wrought iron and charred copper. The more industrial base is paired with the very clean lines of a hardback linen shade which makes for an interesting play of materials.

Then there is my personal favorite of the bunch: Tattoo. This sconce pairs intertwining strips of hand-forged iron, some of which mimics actual rebar, with a very sleek and modern hardback linen shade. The unexpected combination is a terrific example of crossover design -- edgy and sophisticated, artisanal and contemporary. It’s a piece that could satisfy a wide variety of design attitudes.

The company also is now offering its classic Rhodes design in white.

More About Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting has been lighting the interiors and exteriors of homes around the world for 35 years. The team here consists of expert craftsmen who create one-of-a-kind, hand-forged lighting fixtures for both residential and commercial environments.

The company also places the environment at the top of its list of concerns. This commitment led to the development of the Troy Lighting Environmental Series. The line combines handcrafted designs with compact fluorescent, LED, Energy Star and Dark-Sky compliant options.

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