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Profile: A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles

LA proudly plays home to SoCal’s only museum dedicated to the design trade


Profile: A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles
Logo courtesy of A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles

It’s been more than 10 years since A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles opened its doors. It’s mission has been clear from the start: to honor progressive architecture, design and urbanism. The museum succeeds in its goals via exhibits and events that bring the complete design trade together and displays the talent within it to the public.

Total Design

By the complete design trade I mean everyone and everything with a design pulse is welcome here, which creates an interesting exchange of visions. Graphic design, product design, landscape architecture, interior design, design for the entertainment industry, it can all be found within these creative walls.

Founded in the landmark Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles, A+D now resides on Museum Row surrounded by such prestigious neighbors as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A+D has established itself as a reliable, progressive, creative hub for the Southern California design community; a place to reflect on past design and keep the conversation about the future of design in constant motion.

Exclusive Events and Exhibits

In its own words, the museum strives to organize “comprehensive programming that incorporates academic and professional development with public outreach that is social and educational.” Indeed the calendar of events here features something for every taste including lectures and seminars, student and professional design charrettes, film screenings, and book launches and signings.

There is also a definitive effort to be involved in the community, including work with local groups helping the homeless and at-risk youth, internship and volunteer opportunities and collaborative projects with local and global institutions.

This a museum that pays homage to each creative mind along the way and how many aspects of design that mind can tackle. For example, a previous exhibit -- the Enlightened Development -- focused on the developer himself and the vital role this character plays in a project’s life and a more recent event -- Celebrate: The Wearable -- asked designers of all backgrounds, including fashion design, architecture and product design, to create wearable art that was modeled in a fashion show and then auctioned as part of the museum’s annual fundraiser. Furnishings and fashion designer Karim Rashid, fashion designer Trina Turk, architects Richard Meier and Robert A.M. Stern, and BMW Designworks USA were among those who donated original work for the show and sale.

Future Designers

For the curious of all ages, there is The Stephen Kanner Education Center for Architecture and Design. A+D refers to the center as “a hub for the highest level of innovative and sustainable design education and conversation.”

Here is where open conversation can lead to discovery. Students and professionals share ideas and new concepts in architecture and design. Student exhibits and critiques, along with film screenings and lectures make up just part of the program.

And for those young ones who hope to be the future of the industry, the ongoing ARkidECTURE + design workshops offer the opportunity to start their design education early and let them see how the designs all around them come to be.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get in on the design conversation happening at A+D and one of them is obviously to become a member. Six levels of annual membership are available with annual fees ranging from $25 for active students and $75 for a family (2 adults + children under age 18) up to $1,500 for the sustaining level.

A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles
6032 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles

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