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On Location


In my mind, the best way to keep up on the world of design is to go exploring. Whether it's checking out a new showroom, getting lost in a museum, hitting up the design districts of cities old and new to me, wandering for hours at a storied flea market, or making a sharp right due to a cardboard sign with "Garage Sale" scrawled across it, it's all an adventure. I have made amazing finds at every one of these places and am continually intrigued by what people create and what can be found if you just open your eyes.
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  2. New York City area
  3. Philadelphia area
  4. Washington D.C. area
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Los Angeles area

I've called the L.A. area home twice (so far) and have visited more times than I can count. It's an amazing city for design where the cultures of surf and celebrity have melded to create a very unique vibe. By day you can view priceless works of art coupled with a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean at The Getty Villa and then, by night, crawl your way through the streets of Venice where you're likely to discover the guy you thought lived in your alley may very well be the world's next great sculptor.

New York City area

My love affair with art and design in New York City began when I was very young. Growing up in Northern New Jersey, my uncle, who worked in art galleries in the city at the time, would take the 5-year-old me on city tours worthy of a scholar and I repeat his stories -- and continue to learn new ones -- to this day. New York is the center of so many universes and design is most certainly one of them. From the museums to the flea markets, uptown to down, it's nothing short of a full sensory experience.

Philadelphia area

So, yes, I've called Philly home as well. And loved it. And continue to love it to this day. You can't go anywhere without bumping into history and historic design in this town and its modern-day designers are taking this city to new creative heights on a daily basis. The stories here will walk you through the buildings that housed the birth of a nation and the designers, architects and businesses that work to maintain this city's significance and beauty.

Washington D.C. area

Washington D.C. is so beautifully steeped in history. The design scene here is all at once respectful of and inspired by the past and so open to modern design as well that it seems to have blossomed more each time I visit. This is an area with a genuine appreciation for remarkable antiques, an eye for quality and creativity, a passion for political memorabilia, and the space (something greatly lacking in some cities) for pieces like massive farm tables and decorative mantels.


Around the globe, designers and architects are making a difference via remarkable design and historic preservation. Their efforts constantly raise the bar for future projects and generations of design professionals.

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