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Trove Teams with Anthropologie for Limited Run

Two favorite patterns back for a limited time only


Trove Teams with Anthropologie for Limited Run

Opera House Wallpaper by Trove. Available at anthropologie.com.

Photo courtesy of Trove

Trove is a design firm whose creative, one-of-a-kind wallpapers are a constant source of pleasure and inspiration for those in the design trade. Likewise, Anthropologie, the retailer known for innovative fashion and homewares that blend past with present seamlessly, is a constant source of joy and wonder for all who pass its windows and walk through its doors.

Quite wisely, the two have joined forces in an effort to introduce the Trove quality and imagination to a whole new audience. As part of its online-only wallpaper line Anthropologie will carry limited edition runs of two classic Trove patterns.

Like Design Minds

Trove Co-founder and Designer Jee Levin called Anthropologie “an artistically-aware brand” and noted Trove is “excited to be included and be able to reach a new group of customers with this collaboration.”

Indeed the marriage will bring awareness of Trove to a new, carefully selected audience. The eye behind Trove’s painterly, artistic wallpaper designs is akin to that of the Anthropologie devotee. It’s an audience that seeks the unique and offbeat, that values whimsy and beauty and works at every turn to create a signature style all its own.

In fact, Chris Sotz, Anthropologie’s head merchant for home decor, noted the retailer’s “customers will appreciate the originality of [Trove’s] designs, as well as their creative patterns. Trove’s distinct designs are a welcome addition to our growing wallpaper offering.”

Timeless Patterns

Certainly, anyone who regularly combs the racks and shelves and catalogs of Anthropologie (admittedly one of my guilty pleasures) can recognize in these patterns the brand’s signature vibe.

The Opera House Wallpaper -- otherwise known as Fuoco, a classic Trove pattern -- is based on an historic photograph of Teatro La Fenice, the famed Venice opera house. The photo was snapped after the theatre was rebuilt following a fire that completely destroyed it in 1836. It’s very name -- La Fenice -- translates to The Phoenix or “rise from the ashes.” The theatre pictured no longer exists, having itself burned to the ground in 1996. In the elegant pattern, opera-goers mingle in their box seats, socializing and studying the stage. Trove notes “the design aims to address the concept of the beholder/beholden. Are we examining the audience, or are they examining us?”

The Zoolite Fossil Wallpaper -- also known as Otium, an award-winning pattern from the Spring 2012 Collection -- features original photos of found objects. The company describes it as recalling “microfiche slides from schoolroom science classes, each featuring a used or now useless item." Themselves the remains of Trove’s first photography library, the items featured in the mysterious pattern include broken umbrellas, drained swimming pools and eggshells mingled together to create something new.

There is something timeless to these designs. It doesn’t matter what year it was when this opera crowd was captured or how old said fossils may be. What matters is how they have been translated for a modern audience.

The designs are scheduled to be available online-only. They’re printed on pre-pasted substrate to allow for easy application. Each pattern, now available on anthropologie.com, comes in roles of 57 square feet.

More on Trove

Trove was founded in 2006 by artists Jee Levin and Randall Buck. Together they join their perspectives as a multi-media artist, Buck, and painter, Levin, to create Trove’s designs. One of their primary agendas is to “reimagin[e] the current language of wallpaper from repetitive graphic patterns to organic imagery with less repeat and more of the random.”

Included among Trove’s design awards are two Good Design awards, two ICFF Editors Awards and an Architectural Products Product Innovation award. The company’s work was featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Triennial and two Trove patterns have been acquired for the Cooper-Hewitt’s permanent collection.

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