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Back to the (Colorful) Chalkboard: Benjamin Moore’s Tintable Chalkboard Paint

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Back to the (Colorful) Chalkboard: Benjamin Moore’s Tintable Chalkboard Paint

A colorful chalkboard checkerboard created with Benjamin Moore's Tintable Chalkboard Paint.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

The chalkboard and its usefulness are certainly not a new concept. One need only to glimpse a rerun of Little House on the Prairie to be reminded how very long this schoolhouse staple has been a part of our daily lives and a key conduit for communication. But this also is a product that hasn’t changed much in all that time.

While colors had made their way into this category, Benjamin Moore has punched up the options even more, finessing its existing finish to create a chalkboard paint that now is tintable in any color. And, with more than 3,300 hues in the Benjamin Moore system, that’s a lot of options.

Beyond School Days

The chalkboards most of us grew up with -- be they in the classroom or for make-believe classrooms at home -- were not exactly creative when it came to their coloration. They were utilitarian products, most typically black or a drab shade of green, existing not to be decorative but as a tool for learning. Today’s households recognize that chalkboards are useful in more ways than one and that, even when used for educational purposes, there’s no reason the experience can’t be creative, colorful and exciting.

“We’ve just infused a lot more fun and imagination into a communications staple that, since the schoolroom slates of the 1800s, has remained almost unchanged,” said Sonu Mathew, ASID, IIDA and Benjamin Moore’s senior interior designer. “Now, the opportunity to enliven and invigorate a space has exploded by dialing up the color options so extensively.”

The Chalkboard Paint is a latex topcoat that can turn virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard. Designed for easy application, the paint dries in a matter of hours to a durable eggshell finish. It’s also easy to clean and fully washable -- a big plus considering chalkboards most often go to work in kid-friendly areas of the home. Just think of all those stories throughout time of little Billy taking to his bedroom wall with his trusty box of Crayolas. Supply that same little boy today with a stash of chalk and he can literally go wild creating new surroundings in his bedroom or playroom on a daily basis.

Another plus is the fact the paint is formulated to minimize any lingering odors, again, a bonus when you’re dealing with spaces where little ones work, play, sleep and so on.

Break the Rules

Benjamin Moore also encourages designers and homeowners to be creative with the types of surfaces to which they apply its Chalkboard Paint.

“There’s no rulebook that says chalkboard paint is for walls only,” Mathew said. “Think about treating a toy chest, tabletop or other piece of furniture, a closet door or cupboard facade. Any place where you want to see temporary art or a shared family communique is prime real estate.”

And beyond simply using a color other than black, the possibilities for creativity here are endless. Any pattern or combination you could have accomplished with standard paint can now be accomplished with chalkboard paint. “Can’t you just hear the giggles of glee that a chalkboard composed of broad bands of red, yellow and green might elicit?” asked Mathew.

The Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint currently is sold in quarts only.

More About Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore & Co. is a Berkshire Hathaway company and was founded in 1883. The company manufactures residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings and offers 3,300 hues, plus the option to match any custom color choice.

A firm believer in sustainable products and manufacturing practices, Benjamin Moore’s portfolio of Green Promise products includes Aura, low-VOC paint; Natura, zero-VOC interior paint, remaining zero even after tinting in any color or any sheen; and EcoSpec zero-VOC paint for commercial interiors.

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