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Trove Teams with KnollTextiles for Wallcoverings

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Trove Teams with KnollTextiles for Wallcoverings

Swoosh by Trove for KnollTextiles.

Photo courtesy of Trove

Trove has come to be known for its one-of-a-kind wallcovering designs and the creative company has proved its worth yet again with the Vivid Collection, a series that brings to life artistic qualities leaving the impression walls may have been literally touched by a painter’s brush. The collection marks the first partnership between Trove and KnollTextiles.

The Creative Process

To bring the Vivid Collection to life, Dorothy Cosonas, creative director of KnollTextiles, worked with Trove designers Jee Levin and Randall Buck to create wallcoverings that speak to the aesthetic of each company, combining the design vocabulary, the love of color and the inspired patterning for which each is known.

Throughout its history, Knoll has collaborated with outside designers to infuse its collections in various categories with fresh perspectives and myriad design statements. Such collaborations are part of what makes Knoll so unique and so in tune always with trends across multiple categories and design sensibilities.

The Painter’s Touch

This is a collection that’s big on movement and the names bestowed on the individual patterns in the line reflect the sense of freedom and creation within them. Swerve, Sway and Swoosh relay a vibrance in a manner that manages to be soft as well. There’s a liveliness at work here that conjures images of soft breezes.

Creators Levin and Buck consider the wall to be an open canvas and these collections certainly take that notion to heart. The company notes “the genesis for the Vivid Collection is a series of paintings that bring the gestural and tactile elements of painting to the world of wallcovering.” The palette selected for the three patterns is reflective of the “vivid” name with hues like orange, persimmon, plum, yellow, and aqua blending and bending to relay that painterly quality of a brush in inspired motion.

The Patterns

Though utilizing similar artistic techniques, each of the three patterns here takes on a personality of its own, offering looks that can stand on their own but also lend themselves to pairing within the group, the similarity in palette and brushstrokes infusing the three with qualities that allow for a naturally flowing transition from one pattern to another.

Swerve serves to capture the idea of the hand in motion, a twist of the wrist evident in each brushstroke. The plan here was to illustrate how colors in motion blend at various rates of speed: Buck created paintings at a slow rate while Levin's were created at deliberately faster speeds. The contrast between the two is essential to the final pattern.

Sway plays on Trove’s penchant for geometry in nature and the imperfect perfection of the organic world. Different paintings were created with the use of stopwatches and varying rates of time. The effect of the timeframe contributes to the finished product.

Swoosh is an expression of freedom. The artists sought to create a connection between birds in flight and the human spirit in flight. As such, there is a sensation of being lifted when viewing the resultant pattern.

The Construction

On the more technical side, each of the three patterns is printed onto a non-vinyl Type II substrate which is new to the contract marketplace. The product is composed of 69% cellulose and polyester and 31% recycled polyester. The fabric itself meets California Section IAQ 01350, which includes procedures to ensure good indoor air quality, and also is certified by Berkeley Analytical, an independent laboratory that conducts testing of organic chemical emissions and content for building products, flooring, finishes, textiles, furniture, and toys.

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