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Emerald City: Pantone Selects Emerald as 2013 Color of the Year

The glorious shade of green is expected to power up the home and beyond


Emerald City: Pantone Selects Emerald as 2013 Color of the Year

Pantone teamed with jcpenney for a line of bedding and bath featuring the color of the year.

Photo courtesy of jcpenney

Each year, Pantone sets out on a rather challenging journey to name a color of the year. The process is by no means a random selection, rather it takes into consideration influences from areas as disparate as commerce and consumer confidence, global cultures and international news. It’s the pulse of the nation and the world at large in one telltale hue and this year’s selection is the lively, lush green of Emerald.

Last year’s pick was Tangerine Tango (PANTONE 17-1463), a spirited, reddish orange, selected by Pantone for its ability to provide the energy boost we all needed in order to recharge and move forward. The vivid, verdant green of Emerald (PANTONE 17-5641) serves as another step forward in consciousness and confidence. The rich hue furthers a sense of well-being by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.

Great Green Future

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “The human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.”

Think of Emerald and the mind turns immediately to brilliant, precious gemstones -- sophisticated, luxurious, timeless. Since ancient times, Emerald -- both the stone and simply the color itself -- have been symbols of growth, renewal and prosperity, healing, unity and regeneration. Perhaps today more than ever, the spirit and promise of beginning anew has a very special meaning.

“As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate,” Eiseman said. “Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s world.”

She also stressed the “powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

Emerald at Home

On the home front, Pantone emphasized that, much like in fine jewelry, Emerald will infuse a space or entertaining experience with a luxurious vibe. It’s versatile enough to work in an entryway, powder room, dining room or study or make for a rich and lively accent wall in a living room.

It’s also that perfect pop of color that can come in the way of myriad accessories. In particular, emerald dinnerware and stemware are a simple way to add elegance to a dining table and appliances in the jewel-like hue will enliven monotone kitchens.

Building on the success of its partnership with Sephora, Pantone has teamed with jcpenney to bring Emerald to the home with its first-ever line of Pantone bedding and bath products. The introduction of the Emerald products will be part of the retailer’s strategy to “re-energize” its home department next spring, according to Paul Rutenis, general merchandise manager for home at jcpenney.

The Pantone products are scheduled to debut exclusively at jcpenney stores and on jcp.com beginning February 1, 2013.

Emerald at Large

As Pantone’s reach extends well beyond the home, so does that of each color of the year.

In fashion, Pantone noted, the prevalence of green has been steadily rising for several seasons, making a strong showing in couture markets and on the red carpet as well. Emerald possesses that classic elegance that makes it appropriate for even the most formal occasions yet is familiar and comforting enough for a favorite sweater. The hue also provides that perfect pop of color for men -- think smashing neckties and pocket squares. Designers including Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore and Marimekko already have Emerald in the works for spring collections.

And, once again, Pantone has teamed with Sephora for an exclusive beauty collection that puts the color of the year in the spotlight. The focus here is on Emerald’s ability to dramatize all eye colors; to act as a perfect complement to peaches, pinks, roses, ruby reds and aubergines; and to offer a sparkling and edgy alternative for nails. Products in the limited edition Sephora + Pantone Universe 2013 Color of the Year collection include eye shadow, nail polish and accessories. The line is scheduled to be available beginning in March 2013.

For a glimpse at some of the elegant Emerald products available, check out the Emerald Photo Gallery.

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