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Pantone Color of Year 2013 - Emerald Home Products

Emerald infuses the latest in home products


From chandeliers to floor tiles and everything in between, there will be no shortage of Emerald options on the market in coming seasons. Home products designers are on the same page as Pantone in believing in the rich green hue’s future and have prepared some gorgeous green options for designers and homeowners alike.

Read on for the complete story:

Emerald City: Pantone Selects Emerald as 2013 Color of the Year

Images 1-12 of 12
Artisan Collection by Robert Allen & Larry LasloEmerald Lobby at Congress HallPerle D’Italia by Antiche Fornaci D’AgostinoDolcetti by Corbett Lighting
Sully by THGEmma by Quiet Home PaintsTextiles at CalicoPantone + jcpenney
Regal Bathtub by Devon & DevonWatercolors by Beacon HillLightweights by SonnemanModern Color Theory by Robert Allen & Dwell Studio
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