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Lladro Atelier: A Modern Face for a Time-honored Company

The brand expands its creative lens and welcomes new ideas


Lladro Atelier: A Modern Face for a Time-honored Company

The Metropolis collection from Lladro Atelier.

Photo courtesy of Lladro

Think of Lladro and you may think you know its products. Since 1953, the company has been creating porcelain pieces that have been collected the world over and are easily recognizable for their distinctive details and craftsmanship.

While Lladro always has held its devotees, quite a lot has changed. The brand has captivated a whole new audience with the daring and fantastical creations coming out of Lladro Atelier, a “laboratory of ideas” that aims to elevate the concepts of luxury, craft and uniqueness to entirely new levels.

Creating the Atelier

In Lladro Atelier, the company explains, those concepts are brought to new heights, “thus promoting the culture of the porcelain, the originality of the works and the artistic modernity.”

The idea behind Lladro Atelier is to bring forth new experiences in porcelain, to showcase the brand’s own designers and foster collaborations among the in-house creative talent and artists from outside the brand.

Enter The Guest

Lladro describes The Guest as “the most ground-breaking character” to come from its brand yet. The collection is the brainchild of Jaime Hayon who envisioned for Lladro Atelier this opportunity to partner with cutting-edge artists from different disciplines and from around the world.

The basis of the collection is a singular porcelain being to whom each artist lends a distinctive personality via their original design. Destined to be collectors’ pieces, the Guests come in two sizes, the larger of which is limited to a run of 250 units and the smaller of which is a numbered series.

Artists who have contributed their creativity to the project thus far include Hayon, American artist Tim Biskup and the Japanese Studio Devilrobots.

Colorful Metropolis

If you’re a city lover like me, there’s simply something about a skyline that inspires you -- the building spires and balconies scraping the clouds, daring to reach new heights all the time. Lladro Atelier has found a way to let you create your own cityscape with Metropolis, a series of highly functional objects such as vases, lamps and mirrors, that are shaped like a series of city buildings you can use throughout a space to create a cohesive story or group together to create the skyline of your dreams.

The idea is interesting enough, but the details make this grouping shine even brighter. Instead of simply mimicking the rows of windows that would adorn an actual city building, the Metropolis pieces are ornamented like pieces of embroidery giving the the group a highly textural look and feel.

Each piece is available in eight different colors including shades of white, grey, green and yellow.


Sometimes a name can be deceiving but not here. This collection is as other-worldly as it sounds with items as seemingly basic as trays, snack dishes and bottle stoppers decorated with the organic and fantasy objects of an imaginary universe.

The whimsical, elegant pieces are as functional as they are decorative and can slip into a variety of decor styles due to their own lighthearted, yet strong personalities. Naturofantastic items can be finished in either white, turquoise or white with golden luster. They’re a part of Lladro’s L’Art de la Table, an extensive tabletop grouping consisting of several individual lines and including everything from multi-stemmed candleholders resembling chunks of coral and kelp to a tea service with a subtle equestrian theme.

More About Lladro

Lladro finds its roots in Valencia, Spain, where brothers Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro built an artisan workshop whose handmade creations are still being collected nearly 60 years after its founding.

To this day, each Lladro piece -- from the very first sketch to the high temperature cooking -- is handmade in the workshops of The City of Porcelain, in Valencia.

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