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Warmth & Luxury: The Andrew Morgan Collection

Old World decor meets modern organic style


Warmth & Luxury: The Andrew Morgan Collection

Georgian Damask from the New Romantics collection

Photo courtesy of The Andrew Morgan Collection

The Andrew Morgan Collection is a dream built on the principle that beautiful, luxurious design can be good to the world as well. It’s an idea that morphed into a line of luxury textiles that can be found at a growing list of premium hotels and spas around the globe.

The collection currently includes pillows, throws, blankets, bed scarves, bed wraps, and accessories all inspired by nature, culture and travel. The designs and the very construction of the pieces bring together cues from Old World decor and modern, organic influences.

Design Inspiration

Founder and President Andrew Morgan calls design both “a passion and an evolution. Our deepest desire,” he said of his eponymous company, “is to move, inspire and create a luxurious and sensual environment that feeds the soul of those who encounter our products.”

It’s no small goal but it’s one the soft and luxurious textiles of The Andrew Morgan Collection have proven to high-end clients time and again.

“We are concerned not only with aesthetics, but also with the integrity of our textiles,” Morgan said. “Giving rest to mind and body is our first priority, and being honorable stewards of the earth drives our company.”

Concern for the Planet

The Andrew Morgan Collection is manufactured predominately in the United States though Morgan himself searches the globe for new and natural fibers and innovations in sustainable technology. The company itself practices sustainable design and is environmentally responsible with yarns that are globally sourced.

The product and its construction have impressed clients in some very high places. Currently, the line can be experienced at hotels including The Four Seasons Hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, Calif.; Sofitel Hotels in Los Angeles and Philadelphia; and The London Hotel in New York City; in luxury spas including Esperanza Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Fountainbleu Spa in Miami; Painted Boat Spa in Vancouver, Canada; and Ritz spas in Denver, Palm Beach, Fla., Turks & Caicos, and Rancho Mirage, Calif. to name just a few.

Color & Construction

This is one of those companies that proves the hunt for sustainable materials need not lead to a dull finished product. The colors available in The Andrew Morgan Collection’s yarn library are nothing short of inspirational. Rich, deep shades like milk chocolate, midnight and wicked black; vibrant, pungent hues like azalea, blue algae and flamingo; bright, sunny shades like orange sorbet, lemon ice and la mer; and soft, subtle colors like southern moss, acorn squash, wisp and fawn all contribute to a palette that seems to offer endless options.

There are also a variety of yarns that can alter the look and feel of finished piece like tweed, crystal and ami-vert polypropylene. The ability to create a truly customized look for your client or location is only amplified by the variety of yarns and colors at your disposal here.

The lines themselves tackle myriad design and motif preferences as well. For example, the New Romantics collection was inspired by Rococo elegance, Savile Row was inspired by “London’s finest” with hints of menswear throughout, and Tropical Fusion combines the colors and motifs of the tropics and nautical life in general.

More About Andrew Morgan

Prior to branching out on his own, Morgan spent nearly two decades as a ready-to-wear design director creating exclusive apparel lines for Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Burberry and a variety of specialty stores.

The Andrew Morgan Collection is based is New York City. The company currently participates in the BITAC Luxury and H.D. Expo trade shows so keep your eyes open for the product if you attend or check them out online today.

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