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Red Hot Red

The color of love makes a showing this month in hearts and homes


A wise color theory professor once told me you can read the current state of consumer confidence simply by looking at what shade of red was trending in a given season. When times were tough and homeowners were concerned over their finances, they turned to warmer, orange-based reds and earthy shades like brick and when they believed things were looking up and positive change was on the horizon, they were more attracted to brighter, blue-based shades like lacquer red.

The theory makes sense. Earthy shades are safer and homeowners don’t expect to tire of them (Read: have to shell out the money to replace them) as quickly as a more powerful, primary color. And since the theory makes sense, then it’s safe to say designers and manufacturers are looking ahead to a brighter future as the shades of red they’ve put out this season are anything but subtle. Rich and vibrant shades of red are a great way to liven up an environment and the newer products out there offer the hue up in everything from playful accents to luxurious textiles.

The products shown here jumped out from the crowd on recent visits to shows and showrooms.

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